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Belkin Conserve Smart AV Energy Saving Power Strip

The Belkin Conserve Smart AV Energy Saving Power Strip allows you to turn off the power to your entire entertainment system by just turning off your television set. This is what the outlet looks like: There are eight outlets on the strip. One, that is well marked, is the Master Outlet. Five additional outlets are the peripheral outlets and they are marked as well with the words “Master Controlled.” There is also a colored line around them that matches the color of the Master Outlet. At the other end, there are two outlets not in the circle that are labeled “Not Controlled.”

The outlets conserve power by plugging in your television to the Master Outlet and your other devises such as DVD player, speakers, gaming consoles, and such to the Master Controlled Outlets. When you turn the television (or whatever device is your “master” device off, the power is cut to those plugged into the Master Controlled Outlets. Devices that need constant power should be plugged into the two Non Controlled Outlets. These would be things such as DVR, Cable Boxes, Modems, or Routers. Pretty cool idea, and it seems to work just fine. I don’t know how much power it is saving, but it sure can’t hurt to have devices completely off, rather than the slow drain they use when plugged in but not being used. There is a switch on the end, like most of these have, that will cut power to the entire unit. However, if you are worried about surge protection, you might just want to unplug this unit from the wall during storms, etc ZOOMACH Surge Protector Power Strip┬áB07DLMGXMC.

I think I noticed immediately upon opening the box was that it was a bit taller than most of my other power strips. No big deal, just something I noticed. I don’t see it being a problem for anyone. It has a four foot power cord which is fairly standard as well, as are the protected indicator and non grounded indicator on top of the unit.

The unit came in a plain brown box and had a small quick setup guide included. The guide is easy to read and understand and has pictures. (But really, how hard is it to figure out a power strip?) It did contain suggestions as to what to plug in as your “master” and what to be controlled and not controlled.

Overall, I think the Belkin Conserve Smart AV Energy Saving Power Strip is a good idea, and for many people it will work just fine and save them some money. It really comes down to what kind of devises you use and need to plug in. I’m happy with it!

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