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How Much Do You Know About Mini Projector

The projector consists of LCD and DLP projector From the current chip projector. As the different sizes and different imaging principle, the size of the projectors used the two different chips are also different.

LCD projector’s core component is the LCD panel. This technology used in projectors is older and more mature. With 0.5 inch LCD panels being used and improved optical design, LCD projector products have reached the weight only 1.6kg, so the portable ability has received a good development.

In contrast, DLP portable projector used DMD chip has an advantage in portable performance. Generally we consider that the projector is portable when the weight is less than 2.5kg. But the weight of the portable projector used DLP processing technology is only 1kg or less. So it usually is considered the super lightweight projector Home Theater Projector with 200″ Projection Size┬áB07K9T9QF5.

In general, the application of portable projectors for business is not usually used to demonstrate the complexity video or animation. But in general it is used to demonstrate the static documents, charts, for example, Word, PowerPoint documents. So portable projector can meet the business needs completely.

When the applications of mini projector are used for mobile business and training dozens of people, generally the projected area is in 60 inches or less. So, it do not need a portable high brightness product.

What should be considered when choosing and purchasing

When choosing a portable projector, the performance is the important point to compare the different product. If you want to buy a portable projector, you need to pay attention to brightness, contrast, resolution, lamp life and service.

The brightness of mini projector is generally between 800 to 2000 lumens. Users should select the size of the projector’s brightness to purchase mini one according to their size requirements and the environment brightness. In general, if the demo environment area is 15 square meters and there is poorly lit, the projection brightness of 800 lumens is sufficient. If there are some light in the presentation environment, the 1000 lumens are appropriate. And if there is in the open space and strong light environment, you should consider about 2000 lumen projector. It should be noted that the current general machine used in the whole semi-dark room can also have good results. Brightness will also be different because of different projection distance. the projector farther away from the screen, the image brightness will be lower.

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