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Magic Seduction – How to Attract Women Like You’ve Got Magic Spells

Women have particular fantasies in their heads involving getting wooed and then dated by an uninhibited guy that won’t judge her if she gets into bed with him in an instant.

Within the female mind, this guy is gentle, strong and controlled. He tells her sweet nothings and can make her laugh with gentle teasing. This would be every girl’s ideal guy.

The funny thing is: whenever women go out, they only come across men that fidget and shake whenever women show the slightest hint of disapproval. Do you just want to stand by idly, as you watch women wait for their ultimate dream guy? It is high time you learned the subtle tactics of psychology that can grab a woman’s attention like magic Strap Magnet Lock Wristbands Silver Black Rose Gold Lavender B07BFV3QP6.

How To Attract Women Like Magic With Secret Psyche Tips And Tricks

1. “Sneaky Reverse Psychology”. The minute you walk towards a woman, she will think that you are interested in her. This will then be confirmed as you try hard to impress her and give her the chance to either reject you or play with your head. What you need to do is concentrate all of your attention on other things and other people whenever you talk to her. This will make any woman work harder to keep your attention on her.

2. “Alpha Male”. Show women that you aren’t merely a beta guy. Even without words, it is possible to make her feel like you are highly valuable and important, as long as you prove that you are good at interacting with people and that people actually listen and follow the things you say. Be the center of attention and take full control of interactions within a group to prove to women that you can lead anybody.

3. “Fractionation”. This tactic of hypnosis, used as a tool of killer seduction by expert pickup artists, refers to sending women on a rollercoaster of emotions, and making her relate all of her happy states to you. This will result in her becoming emotionally dependent on you and agreeing to all of your demands.

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