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New Ideas for Using Storage Bins

Storage bins come in every shape and size. With so many options it’s hard to resist the urge to organize your home with these necessities. Yes, I said necessities! Walk into any room of your home, open any closet or drawer, peek into your garage, or wander into your shed, and you will instantly see how useful a system of storage bins is. No longer will you have to waste time looking for something when it is neatly organized and labeled. In fact, I have relatives whose system is so precise that each box is labeled and cataloged. It takes nano-seconds to find exactly what they need.

Not everyone will go to these lengths to get their house in order. However, most everyone will benefit from using storage bins to keep their “stuff” from over-running the house. Here are just a few suggestions with Lid and Leather Handles by Tegance B07GDCCR4J:

Use shoe-sized bins to house your shoes. Shoe boxes that your footwear comes in are all different shapes and sizes. They are made of cardboard which will wear down and could attract bugs. Imagine getting two sizes of boxes, one for regular shoes, and another size for larger shoes such as boots. They can be purchased clear so that you can see the shoes inside and you don’t have to rummage through the boxes to find out which pair are hidden beneath the lids. As an added benefit, the shoes will stay in better condition because they are not being squished or exposed to dust.

Use under bed storage bins for items used only seasonally. This may include wrapping paper, crafting items blankets, or winter wear such as mittens and boots. It may not make sense to donate or discard such items even if you use them once or twice a year; however, you want to place them safely out of the way.

Use storage bins and garage racks in your garage. The garage can be a catch-all kind of space that can quickly get out of control. Tame the clutter beast by starting a system of racks and bins. Clearly label each bin. For example, you may have a bin for camping equipment, bike equipment, sports balls, holiday decorations, and car wash supplies. Plastic storage bins are a better choice, especially in the garage, to keep bugs that prefer to live in paper or cardboard away.

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