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Smart Tips to Troubleshoot the Epson 5350 Projector

Epson 5350 is a great option of projector that you should consider. This is a lightweight projector that you can bring to any places when you need the device. When you have problems with this device, the most first thing to do is to diagnose the problems before trying to troubleshooting the problems. For this, there are some tips that you can follow to troubleshoot the problems in your Epson 5350 projector.

Before doing any actions when you find problems in your projector, you should turn off your projector and unplug it from the power outlet. Then, you should plug the projector back to the power outlet and turn it on. You will find that this will reset the projector that will resolve some basic problems.

The second tips you should do is to let the projector to cool down. You can do it by turn the device off. You can do it when the temperature warning turns orange. You will find that temperature warning next to the power light. If the light is red, you should wait until the color changes. Red color means that the temperature is too hot and will automatically shut off. Make sure that you do not turn the projector on before the color changes HDMI,VGA,TF, AV,USB,Laptop and Smartphone B07KB7JPTL.

The next tips that you should do to troubleshoot Epson 5350 projector is to replace its projector lamp. You should replace it when the warning of this lamp is red or flashing between orange and red. You will find the projection lamp near the warning light for the temperature of the projector. Then, you should turn the projector on when you find that the power light is orange. This shows you that the projector is in sleep mode.

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